Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kiddie Party @ Jollibee

Phoebe's daughter Lian celebrated her 1st birthday at Jollibee! Kiddie Party!!! I felt like a kid again! Lots of kids, party hats, spaghetti, chicken, ice cream, mascots, kiddie games, and a lot more!!! It's been years since I last attended a kiddie party (Jollibee style) haha

The party started with some kiddie games, bring me, longest "something" (happy birthday liannnnn)etc, etc. haha After that, eating time! 1pc chicken joy, spaghetti, burger and ice cream! Gosh, I'm so full even though I only ate the chicken joy meal. haha And last but not the least, the mascots! hahaha Jollibee and Twirlie. Entertained the guest by dancing "Get Low" hahaha and by the way, Jollibee know how to do a head stand! hahaha Too bad I wasn't able to capture that moment! =p

Here are some pictures of Lian's Party

(left): Nina, Ize, Me and Lian (right): Nina, Ize, Me, Phoebe
We miss you Anj!!!

(left): with Lian (right): Twirlie, Kyla, Phoebe, Lian and Jollibee

After the party.. =)

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